The Designer




Patrizia Jaus is an Italian architect and a textile jewellery designer.

Patrizia Jaus grew up in Italy where, after graduating from Rome’s “La Sapienza University” with a degree in Architecture, she worked for years in the field of restoration of interiors.
Since she was concerned everyday with shape and light, and since she had always been fascinated by fabrics, textures, fashion and design she eventually decided to embark on a creative and fascinating project: Material Atelier, an atelier where textile jewelry and accessories are developed focusing on originality in textures, materials and colour combinations.
The philosophy behind her project was clear: everything had to be sustainable, unique, strictly handcrafted using only samples coming from high-quality fabrics, chasing the dream of transforming people’s perception of used materials which can be turned into single pieces of wearable art. She designs and personally follows every step of the creation process, which means that every piece is completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

Patrizia lives in Bologna (Italy). She likes to participate in selected public events and Material Atelier jewelry is starting to leave its footprint in many boutiques worldwide.